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Might & Magic X - The Outer World

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-22 00:47:19

Might & Magic X has a new post on it's open development website showing us the outer world.

Would you like to know how travelling, quests, items and  NPCs work together in MMX? Then today’s post is for you!

Quest Types

There are different types of quests, which have different priorities and are sorted by priority in your quest log:

● main quest (always on top position of lists)
○ completing steps of this quest line advances the story
● promotion quest
○ complete such quests to be promoted to an advanced class
● grand master quest
○ complete such quests to be allowed to unlock the grand master tier of a skill
● side quest
○ general quests of all kinds
● ongoing quest
○ long term quests spanning the whole story and world

Item enchantments

Except for consumable items, all items can have up to two enchantments. Different item classes and types have different pools of possible enchantments. Enchantments are indicated in the item name by a prefix (e.g. Fire Dagger) or/and a suffix (e.g. Dagger of Might).

Prefixes relate to one of the magic schools and their effects. They can for example add elemental damage, or increase protection against the corresponding school. Suffixes on the other hand are more versatile, they can consist of any combination of several conditions, a chance and an effect.


In contrast to the ordinary generic items, relics are unique. They are assigned to a certain class, type and subtype, they can have more than two enchantments, and they can level up, which also has an impact on their attributes. While equipped, relics receive the same amount of XP their wielders are receiving.

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