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South Park - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-23 00:44:55

I managed to round up more news for South Park: Stick of Truth. So lets get started. To begin we have a few previews.


For almost two years now, I've been following South Park: Stick of Truth with feverish anticipation.

As I've written before, it's the type of game that feels like it was made just for me. The stellar writing of South Park's creators combined with JRPG-like combat and springy, vivid animation that feels like it was ripped straight out of a TV? Yes. Yes! Bring it on, Obsidian.

But... I'm worried. I'm worried because it's almost September, and Stick of Truth still has no release date.

"Wait a minute," you are undoubtedly thinking. "Didn't Ubisoft say the game will be out this fall-slash-winter?"


An epic and grand conflict is ravaging the small town of South Park. Humans and elves are in open war against each other because the elves have stolen The Stick of Truth. You are the knight Sir Douchebag, who together with the royal sorcerer, is attempting to get the truth stick back.

Or to put it another way, the kids are doing live role-play, Stan and Kyle are the elves, while Cartman has donned the wizard hat and is ruler of mankind. And then there's you, the new boy in class. Sir Douchebag.

Watching South Park: The Stick of Truth, is a bit like watching an extra-long episode of the TV series. Between sequences, and there a lot of those, it looks just like the show. The sequences we see in the Gamescom demo are relatively long (up to a few minutes), but also pretty funny, both because of the dialogue and the complete absurdity of seeing the characters running around in homemade costumes, pretending they are in a fairytale world.


South Park: The Stick Of Truth could very well be the funniest game ever made. Admittedly that's not saying much given the dearth of comedy titles - humour has yet to become its own genre in the industry - but Matt Stone's and Trey Parker's first entry into the digital world (the other, terrible licenses they had nothing to do with don't count) has the potential to get by on its jokes, script, and sheer unbelievable nature alone.

Every time the game is showcased - as it was today at GamesCom - it manages to earn countless laughs, even from a room packed full of individuals. Whether that's because Randy Marsh is getting machine-probed, anally, by what appears to be an alien (as he cries out 'Why!'), to Cartman making jaw-droppingly shocking comments about the fate of Princess Kenny, it is always only a line away from making you, at the very least, crack a smile.

And to end the newsbit we have some new screenshots. So give them a look.

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