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Might & Magic X - Fan Day & John Romero

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-23 01:36:51

Limbic Entertainment has two more updates for Might & Magic X on the open development blog.

Up first they talk about the GamesCom 2013 Fanday.

Dear blog readers,

Yesterday was so much fun! Thanks to all of you who were at the Fan Day (or who came to the Might & Magic booth on their own) and talked with us about MMX (and other interesting things), played the game and explored gamescom. Here are some first impressions - we hope that we'll be able to present you more soon. If you have taken pictures of the fan day or gamescom yourselves and want to share them, feel free to upload them somewhere and post the link in the comments!

 Next they interview John Romero about the Might and Magic franchise.

How were you involved with Might & Magic?

In 1988 I co-founded a company named Inside Out Software. Our first project was to port Might & Magic II from the Apple II (double-res) to the PC and Commodore C64. I did the C64 port straight from Jon Van Caneghem's 6502 assembler source.

When you think about your work on Might & Magic, what’s the first association that comes to your mind?

The difficulty of converting 16-color Apple double-res graphics to the limited C64 mixed-mode with the limitation of 3 colors per 4x8 block. Also, having to write 2 scan line interrupts to switch the screen between 2-color hi-res and 16-color mixed mode per frame so the character names looked crisp at the bottom of the screen

What does Might & Magic mean to you today? 

It means a ton of adventuring in a D&D-based world. Hack and slash.

When developing a game in general, what do you aim for?

 First question is: why should this game exist? What will it do that is different and move the bar in gaming forward. Not necessarily in tech but in design.

Your message to the fans of Might & Magic?

What a game series, eh? Still surviving since the early misty days when Wizardry and Ultima ruled the world, there was still some space for another peer to rise to prominence and cement its place in history. Jon Van Caneghem and Mark Caldwell deserve high honors for their efforts.

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