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7 Days to Die - Preview @ JumpToGamer

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-24 01:04:14

JumpToGamer has a preview of 7 Days to Die that might be of interest for those that are still undecided about the game.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing 7 Days to Die, and will continue to do so. It’s a game which can be different on each play-through and allows the player freedom to explore and build whatever they want. I do wish that the Day was extended as it comes and goes in a flash, especially when you are frantically trying to repair your structure in-time for the zombie onslaught the following night. But being in Alpha I’m sure it will be tweaked and changed how they see fit. One other issue I do have with the game is that at present zombies always know your location, whether you are moving around and sat still for the whole night. Hopefully stealth and better Zombie AI will lead to this no longer being the case, but being in Alpha I won’t be too critical about it.

7 Days to Die has an extremely bright future, and I can’t wait for Alpha update 2. The potential a game like this possesses is huge, as has been shown by it’s growing popularity. With more features in development and planned, 7 Days to Die will without a doubt become one of the biggest zombie games, and is well worth the $35 it is currently available for.


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