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System Shock 2 - Roundtable Interview @ Incgamers

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-24 01:20:09

Incgamers interviews two of the original developers of System Shock 2 Jon Chey, and Dorian Hart.

IncGamers invited two of the original developers on System Shock 2, Jon Chey (Project Manager / Creature Behaviour and AI) and Dorian Hart (Numbers Balancing / Level Design,) to replay and discuss the game. Almost fifteen years on from release, how do the developers think the game holds up?

We discuss the legacy and influence of the System Shock series, System Shock 2‘s link to the lost Looking Glass title Junction Point, why Ken Levine is obsessed with mo-capping monkeys and EA’s terrible suggestions for cover art.

This is a slightly edited (for brevity) transcript of the System Shock 2 Podcast Special, which you can listen to in full over here. What follows is a wide-ranging discussion of the game, so that means huge potential spoilers for anybody out there who just bought the re-issued version or something. Just so you know.

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