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XCOM: Enemy Within - Preview @ Games.on.net

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-24 01:25:43

Games.on.net has a new preview of XCOM: Enemy Within.

At the start of the month, when XCOM: Enemy Within appeared on the Korean Game Ratings Board list, it caused a brief flurry of attention. What could it be? Was it an expansion to Enemy Unknown? Was it a translation error?

Well, we’ve been chatting to Firaxis, and now we know the answer — both. Well, not the translation error, sure. But Enemy Within is more than just an expansion to Enemy Unknown, while at the same time slotting in neatly within it.

“Ananda Gupta, the lead designer on the expansion, started work as we were wrapping up on XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and the team rolled into this pretty much as soon as they finished work on the Slingshot DLC,” said Firaxis to us in an interview. “It’s amazing how much content the team produced in such a short time: New maps (almost 50% as many as the original game), new soldier classes and abilities, new weapons, and new alien types.”

According to Firaxis, the expansion all takes place within “the context of the main invasion” of Enemy Unknown. “A lot of the value comes from the fact that it gives you more choices within that campaign, which really gives it a level of replayability that people expect from a Firaxis game, or the original XCOM.”

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