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Dark Souls II - Developer Q&A Video

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-25 00:37:53

RPG Reporter has a new video Q&A for Dark Souls II.

It’s been a while since players have had some Dark Souls II info, so if you’re looking for new Dark Souls II info then your soul has come to the right place. A Q&A video interview from Namco at Gamescom with new director Yui Tanimura reveals their aims for Dark Souls II as well as some very interesting gameplay.

And as a bonus I have a video that goes behind the scenes of the teaser Forging a Hero.

In Dark Souls 2, fearless adventurers will don the armour of a new hero.
He is a man alone and never more than a sword's edge away from death.
To bring the enigmatic hero to life, we asked armour specialists Armedia to recreate his armour...

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