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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Tell Us Your Questions

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-26 00:42:13

Game Informer wants you to ask them any questions you may have about Dragon Age: Inquisition. Bioware may answer your question in a new podcast.

As part of our ongoing coverage of Dragon Age: Inquisition, we're going to be recording a chat with one of the minds behind the game. If you have a burning question for BioWare, this is your chance to ask it.

Here's what you do: Ask your question(s) in the comments below. We're going to harvest the whole batch at the end of the day on Monday, August 26. Then, we're going to hand-pick which questions we bring up during the Q&A session. After we have everything recorded, we're going to post the discussion as a special edition podcast in a couple weeks.

So, post away and maybe you'll hear BioWare address your question!

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