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Vanguard: Josh Deeb Interview @ Online Welten

by Dhruin, 2006-06-08 01:23:00
Online Welten has an (English and German) <a href="http://www.vanguardsoh.com/screenshots.php" target="_blank">interview</a> with Sigil artist, Josh Deeb:<blockquote><em><b>Walk us through how a piece of game art is created, from concept to finished art.</b><br><br>After something has been approved for creation, our talented concept artists will come up with some awesome concept art that gives a good sense of the colors, textures, and overall look that the particular piece of art should have. Once that concept has been approved by those in charge, it will be handed off to one of us to build in Maya. This process involves a lot of feedback and critique, and things can change slightly or drastically from the original concept sometimes. Once that is done, and all the shaders have been applied and everything has been approved, ita "!s time to talk to the design department and see what they have planned for the area. That way we know where we need to place it so that it will flow with the gameplay plans for that area.</em></blockquote>

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