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Might & Magic X - First Week of Early Access & New Dev Chat

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-27 03:57:42

Early access has been available for a week, and a new post talks about the problems gamers are having. Here is the graph with the bug fixes.

Thank you so much for your interest in MMX and for buying the Early Access Offer. During the last week, our first week of Early Access, we have received a lot of comments and feedback! First of all, let me give you a huge "THANK YOU“ on behalf of the whole MMX team!  We’ve all been so excited and we appreciate it very much that you guys are supporting us! You might have noticed an “R” infront of your forums thread – which means this thread was read and has been in review.

Now of course we’ve studied all your feedback very intensely and today we’d like to share with you our first results of all MMX Early Access Player Feedback that has reached us. All in all we’ve received more than 100 different suggestions, bug reports and gameplay feedback. While fixing bugs is a matter of course, I’d like to concentrate in this blog post on feedback that you guys might see as “general review feedback” although the one or the other might also include a bug fix.

There's also another post informing us of another Dev Chat.

 We are aware that there is a lot more feedback and we’d like to discuss all of your concerns and ideas in our next IRC Dev Chat, starting this Wensday (28.08.) at 6 pm (GMT+2).

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