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RPGWatch Feature: Might & Magic X Preview

by Myrthos, 2013-08-27 23:27:33

Dteowner had the opportunity to play around with Might and Magic X: Legacy for RPGWatch and came back with an article talking about both the good and bad parts of the game.

Combat (and, just like the old M&M titles, there's a lot of it) is pretty easy to grasp and fairly quick to complete.  It's classic "I go, you go".  Battles actually have some tactics involved since ranged attacks only go in a straight line and melee only works when you're adjacent to the monsters.  The wise adventurer can take advantage of corners to put the fight on a desired footing.  One problem I noticed is that the monsters will always get the first attack.  They have a line of sight and become active when the party moves into range.  Since that movement counts as the "I go", monsters will always get the first attack.  You cannot initiate combat, even with bows or spells.  Another complication is that once monsters move into melee range, you can no longer use bows.  So that awesome archer that you've meticulously developed to be Death By Fletching will dutifully swap to her largely worthless dagger whether you like it or not.  I don't know if that's something Ubi will be looking at, or whether it's working as intended.  You might remember that MM7 (at least) had an autoswap as well, but you could turn that off if you wanted to use a specific weapon all the time.

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