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Witcher 3 - Preview @ TPReview

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-28 00:04:23

TPReview is the lastest site to post a new preview from GamesCom 2013 for Witcher 3.

The gameplay we got to see opened with Geralt in a huge open world. Gone are the instanced-off areas of the Witcher 2, replaced with a world 36 times as large. We were promised that every time you seen an incredible vista, you can go anywhere you see. The world looked beautiful, mostly in line with The Witcher 2 (which is no slouch at 1080p even by next-gen’s standards) but with a huge new raft of graphical effects such as the grass blowing when a storm picks up and all of the trees moving realistically. Water too looked much more impressive (which appears to be a theme with next-gen games) and sailing is one of the new transportation options, with Geralt simply hopping in a boat and carrying on his merry way during the demo (oddly no-one seemed to notice he’d taken it). Meditation is back and now as you sit there time passes quickly in front of your eyes, with the hours ticking by and daylight giving way to sunset and nighttime in an incredibly realistic and dramatic cycle that showed off the capabilities of the new graphics engine.

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