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ShinyLoot - Interview @ TruePCGaming

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-28 00:10:17

TruePCGaming has an interview with ShinyLoot's founder Chris Palmarozzi.  I recommend the site for it sells DRM-free RPGs.

Please speak about where the idea for Shiny Loot came from.

The idea originated from having played and seen a lot of really good indie games that fell under the radar. I wanted to come up with a way to highlight these games and felt that what became our trait and filter system was the best way to showcase these games.

What separates Shiny Loot from other DRM-free distribution outlets?

One thing is that we also offer minimal DRM games which will require no more than a one-time key validation. This opens up several non-obtrusive games that would not normally be sold in a DRM-free outlet. We also offer Steam and Desura keys on about 90 titles for those that prefer to use those tools to manage their game updates. These keys are always in addition to, not in place of, the minimal to no DRM downloads. Finally, we also sell all titles worldwide, offer a DRM-free download manager, and of course our search system powered by over 160 traits now.

Tell us about the core features customers can expect from Shiny Loot.

Search and discovery is our focus so our tagging system for game traits is the most central feature. This is what drives customers to find new games that match their interests and is at the core of discovering new indie games on ShinyLoot. For example, instead of simply browsing action games and RPGs, a user could look for a game tagged with action-rpg, skill based leveling, humor, crafting, branching story, and open world. As a core feature, we already have multiple iterations of improvements planned over the next several months that will further enhance ShinyLoot as a discovery tool.

ShinyLoot is also committed to a fair marketplace, guaranteeing minimal DRM on all titles, selling all games worldwide for one price, and offering developers a direct rate program as an attractive alternative to direct sales.

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