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Legends of Eisenwald - Post-Funding Update #41

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-30 00:25:08

Aterdux Entertainment has a new post-funding update for Legends of Eisenwald. The update talks about a new patch, and a new scenario.

Dear backers,

Those of you who have Desura version installed, can download already our new patch that mostly includes bug fixes and changes to the appearance of the interface. Settings window is now also there, music volume is adjustable, just to name a few things. DRM-free version should be available tomorrow. More news will come in the next update very soon.

More importanly, our second scenario of the campaign called Way Home will be released next in beta, right now it's being translated into German and French by our two wonderful translators Michael Fuegemann and Philippe Sainton. 

And here is the map of Eisenwald! It will be in the game, and in its physical form it is a part of the $175 reward, its design is almost done and we want to show it to you.

Next comes the information about the new scenario.

Like before, here is a short story by Joel Martin to introduce this scenario. This does not contain any spoilers, it provides just a little of background information related to this scenario:

A Better Man

Winter had drenched the land in a thick layer of snow. Hooves crunched into the white blanket. Upon these horses rode grim men clad in dark livery. Shoots of air escaped the holes punctured in their helms, resembling the snort of a dragon.

"Is the cover of darkness your honor, Konrad?"

The man called Konrad was dressed in heavy furs and a leather brigandine. His shoulders and arms were covered in segmented plate. He rode with deadly grace, his body moved with fluidity to adjust to the horse's movement. Konrad shifted the position of the broadsword that hung on his back. Konrad lifted the helm off his head barring his face to the snow. "Honor does not win battles, Eckhart. And why should you care? This is a job for you, nothing more."

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