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Meriwether - Post-Funding Update #36

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-31 00:19:10

Sortasoft has a new post-funding update for Meriwether. The update talks about music, the save system, and the progress of the project.

Google Hangout & Music

Jim is in Texas and so obviously was unable to join our Brooklyn session in person. But he was right there with us on Google Hangout. It was a great way to work together. Just hearing fragments of the tunes he was writing put us in the right mood and helped us all focus. Before you go any further, scroll down to the bottom of this page, hit play and listen to this draft of "West of the Rockies."

New Dialogue Camera System

Kyle’s focus during our crunch was revising the camera system. Our first step was to identify a number of shots used in cinematography, particularly those used for dialogue. We collected references for various types of shots, such as “full shot,” “mid-shot,” “close-up,” “extreme close-up,” “American two-shot,” “over-the-shoulder,” and others. Based on these references, Kyle extracted a set of rules that could procedurally recreate these shots, given an arbitrary set of relevant characters in a scene. This is going to get technical, but that’s game development. :)

Op-Ed: On Saving Games

Carlos here. One of the first Kickstarter projects I supported was the Shadowrun Returns computer role-playing game. It’s a spiritual successor to the SNES Shadowrun game that came out decades ago, headed by one of the original creators of Shadowrun, Jordan Weisman. The game has received solid reviews from gamers and critics alike (as of this writing it has a Metacritic score of 76), and I personally would rate it much higher. The quality of the writing is excellent--it struck the perfect balance between campy fun and sudden, surprising insight. Without spoiling anything, I believe the dramatic irony in the game’s denouement is one of the most poignant moments I have experienced in a video game in a long time.

Needless to say, after playing Shawdowrun Returns and following the brouhaha around saving, we here at Meriwether have been thinking carefully about how we should implement saving games. We want players not to be frustrated, but we want to have a system that makes sense in terms of the game’s resources and that does not promote an unfun, “scum saving” gameplay style.

Proceeding On

It’s all coming together: the writing, the art, the music, the programming, the design. Things are only going to get more exciting from now on. We will continue to work and continue to update you on our progress. Until next month!

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