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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Qunari as a Playable Race - Tactical Camera Will Be Back

by Aries100, 2013-09-01 00:38:25

Gametrailers have a 1:30 preview trailer for this game shown at Pax Prime 13.

Mark Darrah, Executive Producer confirms Quanari as playable race, also female Qunari will be shown at PAX. Mark Darrah also mentions that the tactical camera is back for not only for the PC, but also for Xbox and PS3.  You also get to some interesting gameplay and scenes from the game.

Thanks to KR4U55 at the BSN DA:Inquisition's forums for finding this.

Further confirmation below:

Cameron Lee's confirmation of Qunari as a playable race - via Twitter:

Qunari are a playable race in Dragon Age Inquisition!!!!!

Cameron Lee's confirmation of tactical camera being back - via Twitter:

Tactical camera mode is back in Dragon Age Inquisition!!!!

Apparently, we can customize or Keeps as well - Cameron Lee via Twitter:

Mark - Customize your keeps, make them dedicated to spies, commerce or military might

Thanks to glenboy24 at the BSN for finding the twitter messages fromCameron Lee.


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