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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Everything we know @ Videogamer.com

by Aries100, 2013-09-01 01:39:38

Chris Bratt from Videogamer.com has posted link in this thread at the BSN for a 30 minute video at Videogamer.com.  In the video, Chris and Simon Miller discuss  the"Everything we know" so far.

In other DA: Inquisition news, Kotaku has an article which headline is The Next Dragon Age Is Crazy Ambitious

A quote from the Kotaku article about what happens in Crestwood - a city under attack:

In hands-off demos, you the Kotaku reporter don't get to decide which action the Inquisitor takes. They choose for you: abandon Crestwood and send your troops back to the keep to regroup. This pisses off Varric, one of your dwarf companions (returning from DAII). It leads to a lot of snarky comments, and you get mad at BioWare for making what seems to be a pretty bad choice

There's apparently a prompt

that will appear above each choice when you make a major decision. It won't tell you what will happen as a result of your choice, but it will clarify what that option does, so you don't wind up accidentally beheading someone when you just wanted to threaten to cut off his legs, or something.

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