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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Interviews

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-02 00:16:36

Stick Twiddlers interviewed Dragon Age Inquisition Producer Cameron Lee to talk about the return of tactical view, user feedback, characters and dragons.

One of things I noticed with tactics in the live pre-alpha gameplay demo we saw is that when going up the stairs, you just see the Conjurer enemy at the start, but switching to tactics you can see everything up there. Is there going to be a fog of war style mechanic implemented so you still have to deal with the unknown?

“Yeah, there will be something. We’re still working on the details about that view mode but we obviously don’t just want the player to bring up the tactical camera mode and be able to see everything. But I’ll tell you what you can do is there are some really cool times when it’s raining and stuff like that, when you pull tactical cam everything in the world freezes. So it’s kind of like this sort of Matrix moment where you can spin around like the raindrops and stuff like that. It’s pretty badass. But we’ll work out something about how you use the camera and how far you can go.”

What can you tell us about the new party members in Dragon Age Inquisition? Varric has come back which I am ecstatic about!

“Did you notice his chest hair? It’s so good! It’s so hot, that chest hair! Varric is back which is awesome and Cassandra which you would have seen as well, from Dragon Age II and some of the novels. Vivienne is the new character and she’s really cool. She’s like an ex-First Enchanter from one of the circles. Vivienne’s personality is really interesting and I think that there’s going to be some interesting conflicts between her and some of the other characters that you’re going to meet along the way. They’re the ones that we’ve announced so far, unfortunately I can’t talk about the other ones. We have mentioned that Morrigan is back, as you know, so she’s not a party member but she plays a major role in the game. I’d be very interested to hear some conversations between Vivienne and Morrigan.”

Next we have a video interview from Rev3Games with Adam Sessler, and the games Executive Producer.


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