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Frontiers - Backerkit Deadline

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-03 00:05:05

Frontiers has a new post-funding update reminding every backer you have one week left to add add-ons to you pledge.

Hello! If you've already managed your add-ons in Backerkit then this update doesn't apply to you. I'll see you next time!

For everyone else, this is a friendly reminder that you have ONE WEEK before the Backerkit deadline on Sept 8th. (I've pushed the deadline back a few days due to popular request.) That means you have one week to do the following:

  • Submit your final info for your Bar / Shop / Inn
  • Submit your final info for your Headstone
  • Choose your butterfly companion type
  • Add / swap / change your add-ons in general

After Sept 8th all of this information will be locked down. (And if you've purchased additional add-ons, Sept 8th is when your cards will be charged.) Go to frontiers.backerkit.com to log in and/or to send yourself another invite.

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