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XCOM: Enemy Within - Preview @ Polygon

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-03 00:08:19

Polygon has another preview of XCOM: Enemy Within talking about the game balance.

The introduction of the meld resource and its limited availability in XCOM: Enemy Within will make the game more aggressive as players rush to claim it before it self-destructs, according to lead designer, Ananda Gupta.

During a hands-on demo with the game at PAX Prime 2013, we played through a level of Enemy Within where we had to collect meld and fight the alien invaders at the same time. Meld, which is a new resource that has been added to both new and old maps, is used to create mecs and to give soldiers genetic mutation (g-mod) abilities. The introduction of meld means that players don't need to dig into their other resources in order to create mecs and g-mods, allowing them to allocate resources like alloys to other projects.

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