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Telethon of the Avatar - Results

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-04 00:47:16

If anyone remembers my previous post about the Telethon of the Avatar it's now over. Today I have the results from Hearth of Britannia.

A tremendous thank you to everyone pledged, participated, donated, or was otherwise involved with the Telethon of the Avatar. With your help, we raised $12,999. It was, in so very many ways, a rousing success.

However, I now must sleep for I've been awake for far longer than I care to admit. Please allow me the next several days to rest, recover, and comb through the spreadsheets, emails, and handwritten notes to sort out everything, and to finish making the Virtue and Legends of Ultima Cards. Once that is finished, the final drawings will take place and the orders for the cards will be placed. The Digital Locker should be available by the weekend. Ideally, everything will get to you by the end of September.

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