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Might & Magic X - Patch Plans & Neal Hallford

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-04 01:08:19

Limbic Entertainment  has two more updates for Might & Magic X on the games open development blog.

The first update details how the company will deal with patches.

Thanks again for all your great feedback that were summed up in our blog posting last week. We noticed several new feedbacks thereafter, not only during our second dev chat, but also on the Early Access forums, the blog or other communities and we’re busy working through those right now.

As you might have already read, we have planned a first patch since we read your first feedback last week. Today, I’d like to share with you more details in regards to its content and timing. So please find below info about:

  • When the patch is planned
  • Where and how you will be able to get the patch
  • What the patch will contain

Besides this rather small patch, please note that we do plan more patches until final release, of course.

Next they have an interview with Neal Hallford about Might & Magic.

What does Might & Magic mean to you today?

Might & Magic epitomizes for me a genre of game that I feel has tragically been lost, i.e. the RPG/adventure/puzzle hybrid, which makes me very sad. When you finished a game like that back in the day, you felt like you'd accomplished something. You'd get to the magic door and there would be some kind of puzzle associated with it, and you might be stuck for an hour, or three, or a couple of days. You'd be beating your head against the floor...and then suddenly you'd be driving home and there the answer would be. You'd rush home and complete the puzzle and WHAM...you got in, you went to the next level, you made the next discovery. Those games made you use your brain, and victory wasn't about how fast you could "twitch" your console buttons, but by how you strategized your attacks. And M&M told great stories back in the day as well. So in a nutshell, that's what that series means to me.

What inspired your work on Might & Magic?

Well while the reigns were still in my hands, I can say they were hugely based on my pen and paper dungeons & dragons sessions with my high school group. Back then, the goal had always been to try and make the computer RPGs as much like a tabletop game as possible, so I was definitely casting back to those summer weeks where we hardly ever left the gaming table. Of course it was also drawing heavily on traditional fantasy like Tolkien and Guy Gavriel Kay, as well as from science fiction greats like Arthur C Clarke and Ben Bova and Larry Niven (It was thanks to my time at New World that I actually bumped into Larry on a fairly regular basis during the monthly "Hugger House" potlucks at the home of New World artist Bonnie Hemsath. We also mingled with several of the folks from the "Faerie Tale" team from The Dreamers Guild. Very small and interconnected group back in those days.)

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