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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Podcast & Interview

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-04 01:31:58

Game Informer has the promised podcast were they would ask question submitted to the comment section.

To conclude our month of exclusive Dragon Age: Inquisition coverage, we asked our readers to submit all of their questions about the game. They responded in full force, and we put those questions to creative director Mike Laidlaw in this special edition podcast.

We touch on a wide range of topics, and Laidlaw clarified some of the big reveals from the last week, including the Keep and the confirmation of the Qunari as a playable race.

And to finish the news-bit DragonAgeSaga interviewed the Cinematic Director Jonathan Perry.

I have some questions about the characters and the story, lots of people would like to know what will become of all the companions and characters in DAI, the old companions, and other characters like Cullen, Connor the little boy in Redcliff…

The choices that players have made in Dragon Age Origins and DA2, are really importants to the players and really importants to us. We do want to react to those choices that you've made, so we'll react to them in Dragon Age Inquisition. We certainly pay attention to who the fans' love when it comes to the followers, and as much as possible we try to bring them back. We've already shown that Varric's back, Cassandra's back, there will be many more returning characters but unfortunately we can't confirm which one those are yet, we do hope to provide you more informations soon.

Can you tell us what happens to Hawke and the Warden ?

Oh, the Warden could be dead…We certainly, again, want to react to those decisions that you've made and how they shaped the world of Thedas. We had planned an additionnal DLC for DA2. Many fans felt like because we shifted our attention to DAI, that we left Hawke's story unresolved so that's something we're aware of and I think we will be looking for a way to let the player know what became of Hawke and the warden.

Morrigan's child must be grown up by now, and we saw her at the trailer at E3, will we see her child too ?
My Warden's was the father so I really would like to know!

Unfortunately I can't answer, it's something people have been really curious about, it's something that could possibly come up, but we can't confirm any details.

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