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Age of Wonders 3 - Preview @ StrategyInformer

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-05 00:16:56

StrategyInformer has a new preview for Age of Wonders 3.

I’ve never played the previous Age of Wonders games, but I liked what I saw of Age of Wonders III. Civilization tempered pointless military expansion through offering differing routes to victory, and Age of Wonder's exploration and interactive environmental features act in a similar fashion – the player doesn’t need to just bring everyone to heel, they can go on quests, or discover hidden sites on other levels of the map. The hidden depths that this game hopes to offer should be plenty to distract players from simply conquering everyone. I’ve got a lot of time for Civ-like strategy games, but especially ones that try to be a bit different.

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