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Valgards Fate - A Mobile RPG

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-05 00:39:03

Valgards Fate is a new mobile RPG on Indiegogo that needs help getting funded. I know what your thinking but it's a mobile game just give it a look.

Hello supporter,

My name is Dirk Nordhusen. I am a 40 years old German guy and in my daily job I'm a professional developer of desktop applications. My hobby though, is creating games for mobile platforms, expecially for Windows Phone.

When I started developing games in 2006, I had the vision of creating my own role playing game sometimes in the future. I made a lot of games since then but I never finished my role playing game. The concept and idea of Valgards Fate grew a lot over the years and I already implemented a lot of stuff and created a lot of graphics, sounds and levels for the game. But it's still not finished.

The problem with such a big project is simple: You need A LOT of assets and a lot of time. The latter is not the big deal, I've been working on games for so long in my spare time, I know I can and I will complete this game. But the assets and all the other things that cost money already ate so much money, I can't handle this all alone.

And this is why I'm asking you for help now.

The video shows a trailer that was made for the Dream Build Play 2012 contest. In the end it says that the game will be available in summer 2012 which was my goal if I had won the contest and got the 20.000$ :)

But in the end I got a place in the top 20 which was a good result for just a demo of a game!

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