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Lords of Xulima - Crowdfunding

by Myrthos, 2013-09-05 01:54:34

A new blog has appeared on the Lords of Xulima site talking about crowdfunding a part of the game.

Basically, there are three optional features that we’re not certain if we’re going to be able to include because of their costs.

Lords of Xulima is our first production and even though for us it’s the ideal role-playing game into which we’ve put all of our passion and thousands of hours of work, we really don’t know how it will do commercially.

For this reason we’ve decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to try to include these features that would improve the game and make Lords of Xulima a much more well-rounded production.

And those 3 features are: An Original Soundtrack, Additional Languages and More Content.


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