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XCOM: Enemy Within - Video & Interview

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-06 00:07:19

2KGames has releaed a new video showing more gameplay with Lead designer Ananda Gupta.

I also have a new interview from NowGamer.

Was this Enemy Within expansion pack always part of the plan?

It was certainly something we always wanted to be part of the plan. At Firaxis we publish large, engaging strategy games and the best way to give more on those is to give big expansions, like we have done with CIV: Gods of Kings and with Brave New World, so to take a similar approach with XCOM made a lot of sense.

Was this expansion dependent on XCOM being the success that it was?

The whole studio was always confident that XCOM was going to do well, and 2K had high confidence as well. We did not expect that we would win 13 game of the year awards , so that was a really nice surprise. 2K was really happy with how XCOM did, so frankly this was a really easy pitch meeting.

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