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Might & Magic X - Unofficial Patch & Previews

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-06 00:15:16

Limbic Entertainment has a few more updates today for Might & Magic X. The first update brings news that the unofficial patch is now ready for download.

As already described on Monday, it was important to us to provide you this patch as quickly as possible, therefore it did not go through all the different “green light channels”, a patch normally needs to go through, in order to be an “official patch”.  This is why the patch is labelled as an “unofficial patch”.

Unofficial patches are only available through the beta for Steam users or through the download link for all other users (please note that the .exe from the download link will not work for steam users!).

Our patch log (click on download link to see) looks like quite a lot of smaller bug fixes, doesn’t it. However please be aware, that fixing something here may break something there. So all in all, the team worked quite a bit last week, but please note that follow-up bugs may occur.

Please note that we worked on fixes regarding save/load issues, which is why we cannot guarantee that your save games work after the patch. If you want to keep your save games, you may want to create a copy of your save file in a different, separate folder.

The second update is a thanks to all the sites who previewed the game.

Within our recent blog postings we wrote a lot about what feedback has reached us in regards to what all we can improve. As described to you previously, we’ve started working on these suggestions and first improvements are already available via the first unofficial patch.

However besides all these suggestions on what to improve, we also read very long, intensive and very well written previews, especially from some of the fan communities. So today I’d like to use this blog post to share with you some quotes of three of those previews and some links to the whole articles, if you are interested to read them completely.

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