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Ambrov X - Update#3, All 5 Episodes for $25+

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-06 00:59:26

Loreful has a new update with news that you can now purchace all five episodes of the game if you pledege more than $25.

We have heard from a large number of you that you would love to pledge but you want all 5 Episodes at the $25+ level. Our rationale for not offering this was simply because we did not want to over promise and under deliver. We have been extremely cautious on this point. Perhaps too cautious. We have debated this point internally for some time. We were still debating it within the 24 hours before we launched our Kickstarter. Why? 

We want to deliver on our promise and will accept nothing short of that. 

We have landed on the Episodic Model for several reasons. 1. It allows us to release content earlier and faster. 2. It allows us to start generating revenue from episodes rather than waiting for the entire game to be finished. And to the third and most important point: It allows us to gather fan feedback as we develop and improve the quality of our episode releases. We find this model incredibly engaging and fitting for a project that is funded by YOU! 

We have looked at the budget and the timing along with our business model and feel that we can very safely promise to deliver you all five episodes for the $25+ pledge levels. We are also going to continue the campaign via PayPal in order to ensure that we can move forward and hit those stretch goals, if we don't make them here on Kickstarter. Besides, we REALLY want Jennifer on the team!

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