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XCOM: Enemy Within - Interview @ Metro

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-07 01:04:42

Metro is the next site post an interview about XCOM: Enemy Within.

GC: Does the game’s subtitle imply your base gets invaded? Because that was always a great part of the original – where you’d be fighting on a map that was a direct representation of the base you’d built.

AG: That was a neat thing about the 1993 game. But we’re not really talking about the strategic level changes that we’re doing but… the enemy within theme is a very cool theme because it has a lot of possibilities… it’s a very rich game in terms of ‘the enemy is closer than ever before’. In the form of the MEC and the gene mods you’re bringing the enemy’s technology into your body. You’re no longer wearing armour and carrying guns that are just based on alien technology…

GC: Just to finish I have to ask exactly how well Enemy Unknown actually sold? I was very hopeful it’d be a big hit because it worked so well on consoles, but it only seemed to get anywhere on PC.

AG: As far as I know 2K has been overjoyed with how well it’s done. We’ve got nothing but happiness from 2K about the performance of XCOM. I don’t know the exact numbers though, they don’t tell me that.

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