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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Retrospective @ TheSixthAxis

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-10 00:28:33

TheSixthAxis has a new retrospective for Deus Ex: Human Revolution with the topic of, "Will humanity ever be ready for bionics?"

The science of bionics is one that is growing and one that has a lot of potential, especially for medical purposes. Bionic arms, bionic legs , and even bionic eyes are being researched and tested so they can eventually help those with serious injuries or disabilities. It’s a very interesting field of research, but it’s incredibly far from having bionic augmentations installed on a mass scale for such reasons, let alone aesthetic reasons.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution uses the surge in bionic technology as a backdrop to the rise of groups trying to control the population and events surrounding the world. We see this world through the eyes of Adam Jensen, a security manager for Sarif Industries. Sarif is one of the world’s leading bionic companies and are trialling a way to help people with these augmentations to use them without a drug called Neuropozyne, which stops the body from rejecting the machinery. In a sense Sarif are offering a true freedom for people with bionics, allowing them to live their lives without having to pay for expensive pills.

Within Deus Ex: Human Revolution you see a society where bionics have advanced far past their original medical purposes, and instead see them become more of a fashion statement for people to show off their status. Darrow has watched as people become, in a way, superhuman leading to a massive divide between those who can’t afford major augmentations and those who can. If the divide is allowed to get bigger then it would be likely that society would have those with bionics running things, controlling things, and those who don’t become a new servant or even slave class.

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