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XCOM: Enemy Within - Preview @ Thunderbolt

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-10 00:51:49

Thunderbolt has posted a preview of XCOM: Enemy Within from Pax Prime 2013.

Last year’s excellent XCom: Enemy Unknown provides a solid foundation to build upon. Firaxis make finished videogames and so there’s nothing to expand on apart from the base experience itself. With XCom: Enemy Within, they’ve taken a complete product and sharpened the edges, implementing concepts that expand on the core strategies.

Our Firaxis-led demo found a couple of soldiers entering the combat zone from the drop ship. “As anyone who’s played XCom knows, always send in your red-shirted rookies first”, said a developer. They took up cover and were quickly shot down by more powerful enemy units. The screen went to black. “Thanks for coming. That was XCom: Enemy Within.”

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