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Blackguards - Preview @ The Gamers Hub

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-10 00:57:29

The Gamers Hub writer Vaughn has posted a new preview for Blackguards.

This isn’t just any entry into The Dark Eye series though, Blackguards casts you in the role of criminals and murderers who have set out to help rid the world of evil that plagues mankind. It may just sound like a story with no real substance, but Daedalic promise that each character in your party has its own specific traits that will reflect how they do battle, interact with others or handle certain situations. And, because these are criminals you’re playing with, the story and world adapts to your actions – or lack of – as you can leave damsels to be in distress while you keep busy with something else. You’re rarely forced into playing through something that you don’t want to play through.

We weren’t treated too too much of the story and world in our preview presentation, but we did get to take a peek into how towns have become hubs for you to rest in and work from. Here you’ll grab help for hire, extra quests and some main quest objectives, and do trade with a variety of traders. Interestingly, Daedalic decided that it wasn’t worthwhile making these into 3D explorable towns layered with NPCs as feedback from testers showed that it only slowed down the pace of play. It’s a shame too as this is one visually beautiful title.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by that, seeing as Memoria is a lavish hand-drawn affair and so is Goodbye Deponia, but as everything here is a 3D modelled world, it seems a shame to only ever utilise that for dungeons and battle. But, I’m not going to argue if it keeps the pace of play up, I know all to well that I get sucked into doing small, menial tasks in towns in RPGs.

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