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Ambrov X - Update#4, Going in to Week 2

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-10 01:02:25

Ambrov X has a new update with news about the project entering it's second week.

We have several updates coming this week, including video and dev articles around Combat and the Paradigm system! 

Last week was full of great responses to our Pre-Alpha Build. We spent the weekend getting our Pre-Alpha build into the eager hands of our local Cincinnatians at the first annual Cincy Comicon! And even had Tony Moore stop by the booth and give us words of encouragement and support.

They even included some impressions from players of the game.

"Played the pre-alpha build of @AmbrovX at the Cincy Comic Con. Absolutely brilliant/fun even this early on. :D Really glad I funded their KS!"

Wynne McLaughlin - Lead Writer, The Elder Scrolls Online - @SpacemanQuisp "New Sci-Fi RPG Kickstarter with the amazing Jennifer Brandes Hepler as Lead Writer. Go back it!"

 Mary Kirby - Writer on Dragon Age: Inquisition - @BioMaryKirby "The extremely talented Jennifer Hepler is a stretch goal for the Ambrov X Kickstarter! How cool is that?"

IndieSpotted.com noted: 

 "In the past there have been games from such universes like Star Wars and Star Trek, or entirely new ones like Mass Effect. The chance that we will see these universes through a crowdfunding site is very slim to non-existent, but there are other great stories set in other galaxy’s far, far away that are still noteworthy to create a game from."

An amazing article over at the Border House Blog, really captured what we are trying to do:

"Ambrov X promises the first hints of an answer by giving life to an old and rich tradition too long in coming to the world of video gaming."

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