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Mazaki No Fantaji - Tabletop RPG

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-10 01:14:13

Mazaki No Fantaji is a new kickstarter looking to get funded. In case your curious it's described as,"A cinematic Tabletop RPG inspired by stunning anime and immersive JRPGs, using qualitative stats and a unique, tile-based system."

Mazaki No Fantaji started with a single question: How can we develop a role-playing game grounded on dramatic, cinematic stories, if the "story" is exactly what we, the creators, have no control over? As gamers know, it is the players who come up with the plots, the twists, the intrigue, the developments. We creators just build a world and an engine to interface with that world. What role can we play in the stories? 

Well, the first step was figuring out that a good story has NOTHING to do with the plot. Only a superficial understanding of stories reduces a good one to its plot. A good story has GOOD characters, GOOD conflicts, and GOOD themes. In other words, interesting characters, meaningful conflicts, and relevant themes. The plot is an emergent unfurling/entangling of those things. 

"So," we said to ourselves, "If we created a game that demanded interesting characters, meaningful conflicts, and relevant themes; we'd have a GOOD (i.e. dramatic, character-driven, fun, intense, deep) role-playing game." 

So we created that game. Enter Mazaki No Fantaji.

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