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BioWare - Interview with Matt Rhodes @ UltimateChibiTeam

by Aries100, 2013-09-10 19:31:45

Bulltox has made an interview with Bioware's Matt Rhodes for the Dragon Age France fanpage. You can read the interview in French here.  If your French is a a bit rusty,
you can read the English version here.

An interesting fact about how Matt Rhodes started at Bioware:

2- How did you start your career? BioWare found me at art school. I was just finishing my 3rd year when they came to look at portfolios. They took me on as a summer intern where I drew Jade Empire characters and began designing characters for the first Mass Effect.

A quote on how he works with the writers:

8-........ We worked very closely with the writers to create the looks for the cast. It started with writing sending us about 40 simple descriptions of potential character directions. We pointed out which ones excited us and did some very rough drawings based on them. The writers then expanded on a smaller group, giving us a paragraph or two. We went back and forth quite a bit. I think that the cast of Inquisition followers are the strongest we've ever put together because of that collaboration.

A quote on which videogames he likes:

14- I guess you might be a gamer right? Do you have time to play video games? If yes, what are your favorites? I don't have a lot of videogame time these days (especially now that I'm a father). I'll usually play for a couple hours at a time at work. I really enjoyed Skyrim and Bioshock Infinite. I was feeling nostalgic and dug Thief II out of the games library at work and fell in love all over again.


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