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Elder Scrolls Online - Previews

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-11 00:25:53

Here are two more previews for The Elder Scrolls Online I managed to roundup today.


There is going to be plenty to do in the this busily populated title with gamer’s who can’t wait to have a chance to get into this game. The game is still a little ways off, and plenty of people are waiting patiently for a beta invite and for a chance to get a bit of a hands-on preview with the game instead of just watching videos.

Even with all these great features though, making a great MMO title is a difficult nut to crack and there will be no shortages of critical eyes looking at this title under a microscope. As long as the Elder Scrolls online can stay true to the series that plenty of gamers have grown to love than we should get a great MMO experience, and finally one that we can also share with our friends, instead of just trading stories.

El33t Online

Based on my time with the game I think Elder Scrolls fans are going to relish the opportunity to explore Skyrim and other familiar locales with their friends, and the game’s intriguing and unique quests are going to provide hours of entertainment whether playing alone or teamed up with buddies.


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