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Avadon 2 - Beta Preview @ IndieRPGs

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-12 01:07:06

IndieRPGs previews the beta version of Avadon 2 in a new gameplay video.

In my Youtube account, I come bearing a new video: IndieRPGs.com Checks Out Avadon 2! Specifically, we’ll be looking at an early version of the Windows port of the game. It’s still in beta, but this should give us a peek at what we’re in for:

Jeff Vogel has been making these sorts of games for a long time, and it shows. He’s gotten this thing down to a science. There isn’t much to critique here that can’t be chalked up to the limitations of an introductory sequence (after all, a measure of linearity is necessary if you’re going to teach the player basic skills for play in the right order).

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