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Balrum - Post-Funding Update #30

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-12 01:16:18

Balrum has a new post-funding update that deals with ambient lighting, doors, water, new renderer, and the games save system.

We changed the way our renderer works mainly because when using the 2x zoom option there were a few errors that we needed to eliminate, but at the same time we also added ambient lighting. Ambient lighting will help us in creating the atmosphere of certain areas like swamps, dungeons..etc.

If you looked carefully enough at our pre-alpha videos you might noticed that doors were problematic. They were hard to select and they sometimes were rendered incorrectly. We fixed the doors and rewrote the „selection” algorithm so that everything can be selected with ease.  

The savegame option was disabled in the pre-alpha demo but now it is working. The main thing that we really want with our save system is it to be patch friendly. This means that if we release a patch we want to make sure that you don't need to restart the game because we broke the system with the fixes included in the patch.

Also lakes and rivers are important. We have not shown you guys how our water effect looks because it will change and we are still not satisfied with it, but here it is so you can have an idea on how it will look.

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