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Sojourner Tales - A New Board Game

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-14 00:15:19

Sojourner Tales  is a new kickstarter from authors Tracy & Laura Hickman. Together they have written many D&D, and original novels. Now their asking money for a board game that features new downloadable ebook adventure modules.

Welcome to Sojourner! I'm Tracy Hickman. I'm an International and New York Times Best Selling author and game designer. For over thirty years, my wife Laura and I have been writing novels and designing games ('Dragonlance', 'Wayne of Gotham', 'Ravenloft', 'Dragon's Bard'). Now we're thrilled to invite you on our latest adventure: to bring interactive adventure storytelling to families and hobbyists alike. 

In Sojourner Tales, you will use strategy and wits as you discover and collect the pieces of your mysterious story as you strive to be the first to complete the epic adventure. The tale is different every time you play ... or you can download new Sojourner Tales to explore from our website!

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