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Always Sometimes Monsters - PAX Preview

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-15 00:05:23

A blog called Sharon Shares has a new preview of Always Sometimes Monsters from Pax Prime 2013.

Many titles in the mediums brief history have received mature ratings and even market themselves under this banner but what makes Always Sometimes Monsters unique is that it may be one of the few truly mature games I've played. Although adult scenes of violence, coarse language, and sexuality are depicted, it is the honest means in which they are presented that makes the title mature. While the game can be downright disturbing at times nothing is depicted for merely shock value, rather the game integrates the scenes in an organic and natural fashion.

On the topic of disturbing, this game despite its appearance is not for the faint of heart. I won't spoil any of the events in the demo, but after playing through it in its entirety; I felt like I needed a shower. Once you've made a choice, there is no going back. That's right; you are made responsible for your actions and have to live with them from that point forward. The permanent nature of the games mechanics lends immediacy to each conversation and will (justly) make you paranoid about your every decision.

Always Sometimes Monsters is something that video games have needed for a long time. Vagabond Dog has gifted the industry a title that doesn't speak down to the player, instead asking them to forge ahead, making their own choices and accepting the consequences. Free will is a double edged sword, and Always Sometimes Monsters is here to remind you of just how deeply life can cut.

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