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Shroud of the Avatar - Knight’s Home & Property Deeds

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-15 00:20:41

Shroud of the Avatar has a new update with information on the games website for the knights home, and how property deeds work.

Founder Knight Village Home

Here is our unique, upscale, Founder Knight Village home, only available to Founders (included as a reward in the Knight level pledge). A two-story dwelling, with a split-level roof deck:


200 Village Property Deeds Available in Add-On Store

We have added 200 Village Lot Property Deeds to the Add-On Store at an introductory price of $150 (a 25% discount off the regular $200 price)!

Village lots are located in almost every village, town, and city across New Britannia. The Village Property Deed in the Add-On Store includes the Shingle-Roof Village Home, shown here next to an empty village lot.


At 20 x 30 meters, there is ample room for a variety of homes, including the spacious Knight Village Home and Viking Village Home!

There are many benefits to being a property owner in SotA, including:

  • Having a permanent residence, a place to put down roots, to hang your helmet, to decorate to your taste, to invite your friends over to hang out.
  • Provides a location for you to have a vendor to sell your wares.
  • Provides a location to set up private crafting stations, saving you the trouble of visiting public crafting stations to produce your wares.
  • Plant your own gardens to grow whatever you need.
  • Dramatically increases your storage space. Your house can be filled with decorations, and you can place chests at your house to expand your backpack inventory.

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