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Grim Dawn - Alpha Build 12

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-15 00:32:28

Crate Entertainment has a new post-funding update with news about the Alpha/Beta for Grim Dawn. Looks like the beta will be avaiable to play by the end of the year.

At long last, Build 12 has finally been released into the wild. This was a huge effort due to significant rework of the pathing system that was necessary to fix a major performance issue some people were experiencing. We also totally overhauled the animations and animation system for the player character. There are many other fixes and improvements included as well as some new items and item art.

Meanwhile, we've also been working hard on the next big content release, which should be done before the end of year. We've been putting in more effort to have quests that are found through exploration and quests that offer choice and consequence. The 4th class mastery, Nightblade, may be done even sooner; possibly by early October.

As I mentioned in the previous update, we're going to open up access to "beta" before the end of the year since alpha has been running for 4 months and, aside from content delays, the game is in pretty good shape, as far as playability goes. I don't have a firm date yet but we may do this in October along with the release of Nightblade.

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