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Card Hunter - Review Roundup #1

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-15 00:41:28

I have two new reviews for therecently released F2P Card Hunter.

Tech Raptor - 97%

I usually shy away from free-to-play browser-based games. Not because they aren’t good, but because they are so focused on making money, that monetization breaks the game. Card Hunter does an incredible job of bringing a card-based role-playing game and putting some monetization in that really only needs to be paid for if you want to do more than what the base game gives you. If you like strategizing, collecting, and role-playing, Card Hunter is the free game that will occupy your time for a long, long, while!

Leviathyn - 8/10

Card Hunter has only just come out of beta and so far there have been quite a few technical problems. The developers have been extremely responsive however, and the problems are all being fixed quickly. There is often someone in the multiplayer lobby chatting with players and helping to sort out any issues that anybody has. In a free-to-play game, it’s value is often in updates and continued maintenance and so far the dedication of the Blue Manchu staff is glowing. It will be exciting to see how they encourage the community to continue growing.

And for last a small  hands-on article from Rock Paper Shotgun.

I’ve played it a couple times in various states, and it’s quite fun. Strategic options are many and varied, and deck building is as utterly compulsive as you’d expect. The plot is also full of cheeky nods to tabletop role-playing, so you will be amused on all possible levels.

Card Hunter is free-to-play, with money potentially unlocking new characters and adventures individually. Alternatively, you can snag a “basic edition” for $25 or subscribe. I am curious to find out how all these various tiers affect multiplayer (if at all), but I haven’t played enough of the full release yet to find out.

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