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Incognita - Preview @ GameFront

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-15 00:53:09

GameFront has a new preview for Incognita the spy based TBS/RPG game.

With the glorious return of XCOM and the revival of Shadowrun, grid-based tactics games seem to be experiencing a new awakening.

Once a genre only for those willing to devote the time and energy to theorycrafting and careful strategy, new advancements in design and technology have opened the way for the modern gamer to experience the thrill of commanding a squad through an intense firefight. This doesn’t mean that everyone has forgotten the old ways, though. There are people out there making games with old-school tactical sensibilities.

Incognita is one of those games. It serves as a suitable bridge between old and new, and does so with developer Klei Entertainment’s characteristic style.

It’s not the most visually stunning title around, but Klei knows how to build a game in which you forget about the visuals and focus almost entirely on the execution. While there was nothing as iconic as Wilson from Don’t Starve in Incognita, there doesn’t need to be.

And the writer ends the article with this. It should be enough to get your interest.

Incognita is a fantastic offspring of the sensibilities of games such as XCOM and FTL. It combines resource management, procedural generation, careful squad-based tactics, and engaging cyberpunk themes into a tightly-wrapped package. If you’re looking for your next fix of games like Shadowrun Returns, Incognita will no doubt slake your thirst.

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