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Dead State - Post-Funding Update #32

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-15 01:05:17

Dead State has a new post-funding update wiith informaton from the Pax Prime game demo. They also announced that the game has been pushed back to 2014.

Since PAX was the first time many of us have ever been in the same room at the same time, we took the time to study playthroughs and take notes as a group. While most of us had already made a lot of notes on our demo build, having the chance to watch people play through the demo gave us a lot of insight into first-time player issues. We came away with about several emails worth of improvements for our interface, combat, and presentation, which will all be applied in the near future or during beta-testing. In all, the demo prepared us all for the work that needs to be done on the path to the Beta version of the game and will help us polish the gameplay in ways that should be immediate the next time we show off the build extensively.

If you missed out on coverage of Dead State on the showfloor, here’s a link to our segment on Twitch TV: 


(Note: if the link doesn't bring you to our segment, cut and paste the link into your browser directly. We're at the 3h44m mark.)

We were also mentioned in PC Gamer’s post-PAX podcast (thanks to Evan and TJ for playing through the demo): 


We had two other announcements at the show. First, Dead State will unfortunately slip into early 2014 so that we can take the time to polish up the experience as much as possible. As much as we would like to ship this year, delays sometimes happen with software development and we would rather launch as polished and bug free as is possible. We definitely want to deliver the game we promised, so we would rather take the extra time than cut content or features. You only launch once, so it’s best to get it right the first time.

However, for those that backed us and for those that pre-order, we will make an extended version of our PAX demo available to you later this year, which should give those of you itching to play the game a small bit of Dead State until the full game hits. We’ll have more on this later this year.

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