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Age of Wonders 3 - Preview @ IncGamers

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-16 00:28:24

IncGamers has posted a short preview of Age of Wonders 3 were the devs share info on spells, trade, and AI.

With AoW3′s skill system and classes we’ve chosen to not allow players to trade skills, which includes trading spells. The thought behind this is that allowing this type of trades would muddle the class definitions, which we want to keep strong and focused. E.g. I’m in a multiplayer match and the Arch Druid that shows up on my doorstep casts Destabilize Mana Core. This issue will be especially apparent when human allies start sharing all their spells.

As a consequence, skills – and spells – will not be visible to other players. As far as diplomacy exposing other information, we are still looking into the details. So, this is one of those things which has alpha build in scare quotes stamped on it. The goal would be to expose nothing the player can’t find out. E.g. you can see cities that you have seen on the map, but not the items a player has.

Finally – for the bit on the AI – things are, a bit complicated. If – like you describe – the AI would reserve mana and casting points because you could cast Destabilize Mana Core there’s the risk the AI couldn’t cast any spell. That could actually end up worse than when it would cast spells and then fail to dispel the Destabilize Mana, i.e. you end up not casting Destabilize Mana Core – in most battles – and the AI ends up losing battles it could have won by sniping the last unit with a spell.

Anyway. Nothing at this point is final. We’re still figuring stuff out and balancing things. 

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