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Age of Wonders 3 - Dragons & Interface Changes

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-17 00:32:25

Age of Wonders 3 has a few updates on the game's official webpage. The first update talks about the games dragons.

Dragon Origins

Background: The Scripture tells of Dragons being the first living beings to appear from the crucible of creation. Each Dragon type to emerge represented one element; ranging from metals, gems to fire and frost. As the raw creational forces started to settle other beings appeared on the world. The Dragons became jealous of these newcomers and started to prey on them. This conflict started the First War of the world, fought between the Dragons and Giantkin. The First War is said to have lasted for millions of years, but was never settled. The Great Flood ended the Age of Giants. Both Dragon and Giantkin numbers dwindled, to make way for the humanoid races.

Today only a few of the powerful Ancient Dragons are known to exist, often living in remote Dragon Peaks. Dragons born after the Age of Giants are called Wyverns, with undeveloped forearms and limited powers compared to their fore fathers. Wyverns and Dragons are hunted down by entire armies for their precious scales and gem and gold loaded hoards that are the dragon’s primary foods. In order to ensure survival of their kind, Dragons turned to powerful wizards to create a more rapidly breeding humanoid subspecies called Draconians, which they hope will one day will replace the humanoid races.

The second update shows the graphic changes to the games interface.

Since Age of Wonders III was announced we released a lot of screenshots and several trailers at GDC and Gamescom. We showed gameplay and released a whole batch of dev journals. Like proper fans, our community picked apart every screen and footage we released for small details and clues. It’s rewarding to see even small changes being noticed and clearly nothing escapes your attention!

Aside from all the very positive feedback we received from our fans and the games media, we are aware of some concerned voices about smaller issues. One of the arguments we heard on the forums was that some of you were worried if our interface was becoming too ‘modern’ and didn’t get enough of the fantasy treatment. Particulary the font we used received some criticism.

Even though changing a font sounds easy, there are a lot of requirements. It should not only be readable in many different sizes and formats, but also work for different languages that aren’t English.

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