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Aarklash: Legacy - Review @ IGC

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-17 00:59:38

Invision Game Community has the next review for Aarklash: Legacy.

Aarklash Legacy is an interesting game that will keep you busy for quite a long time, as combat does take a while if you’re as bad as me at it. The combat of the game is fun and works perfectly for the type of game it is, and the pause on the game really allows you to survey the combat with ease. The game is fresh and would have a really interesting story if I didn’t need to research the universe from other websites such as Aarklash Chronicles and Confrontation. If you play the game without knowledge of the universe you won’t learn about the universe from this game, but the plot does progress smoothly with a wide variety of characters. The loot system works quite well, but don’t expect to get drops from enemies unless they are bosses, loot is usually found in secret chests. The skill tree is simple but effective as it has 2 routes down each skill with 2 major changes at the end of each route.

Aarklash Legacy knows exactly what it is, and gives you no less than what you expect, except in lore explanation, but if you find yourself playing this game you’ll probably be researching the lore anyway to understand more about the plot. The game revolves around using tactics to outwit your enemy and loot to give you the edge in combat. Challenge is something that you will not be short of in this game especially in those optional bosses. The combat reminds me a lot of Dragon Age: Origins except its less finicky and much more fun, any fans of Dragon Age: Origins will definitely want to pick this up. I’m quite a fan of top-down RPG’s and squad based games and Aarklash Legacy has stood itself out of the crowd for me and is incredibly addictive straight from the get-go, as a result I give this game 4 out 5.

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