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Might & Magic X - Patch Results & Reference Team

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-17 01:14:43

Limbic Entertainment has two more updates for our reading pleasure today. The first update shows the results of the patch poll.

Thanks for your votes on the first “What to patch next?” poll. The comments showed already very early which the top vote options are: Item compare and map notes. But there can only be one winner … Item compare with 55%  

The second update of the day goes behind the scenes, and explains the role of the the Might & Magic Reference Team.

Since Heroes V, all Might & Magic games have shared a common setting: the world of Ashan. The Might & Magic Reference Team has been created to ensure consistency despite the fact these games are created by different teams. We asked Erwan Le Breton, the Creative Director of the Might & Magic brand, to tell us more about Ashan’s creation and the work done by the Reference Team.

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